All Risks Goods in Transit Insurance

CM Removals take great pride in our professional service to prevent any accidents and therefore we have a very low incidence rate.

Unfortunately removals is a high-risk industry where we handle fragile, delicate and sometimes poorly manufactured goods that are essentially not designed to withstand transportation or extra handling that is required when moving home or offices.

It's for this reason that we strongly suggest you take out all risks goods in transit insurance to protect your goods from the risk and elements that are at play when moving your household and office furniture.

Peace of mind – Your financial and domestic security is at risk if you have no insurance.

The options you choose can cover the following relocation insurance risks:

  • Handling damage – There is risk every time furniture is moved, irrespective of the removal company
  • Storm damage - rain & moisture damage including flooding
  • Riot and strike action
  • Theft
  • Fire in the vehicle
  • Collision Damage
  • Hijacking
  • Overturning
  • Storage Insurance

Complete the CM Removals Insurance Application Form, valuing all your effects, and submit it to us before your moving day. We'll include the insurance premium as an itemised cost in the removal quote we provide you.

Unfortunately moving furniture provides risk, even the best laid and executed plans can wrong due to unforeseen circumstances, which is why you should ensure that your move and your possessions are insured.

Contact our moving companies in South Africa for more information about our All Risks Goods in Transit Insurance.


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