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Moving While Pregnant – Tips on How to do it Safely

Sometimes we can plan our lives right down to the finest detail and sometimes things go according to that plan. However, any adult will tell you that it’s always good to expect the unexpected. This could mean you’re expecting another human and suddenly it’s time to move.

Maybe you need to move into a bigger place to accommodate the new addition to the family, or perhaps you just want to move to and settle in a child-friendly area. Whatever the reason – it’s important to make sure you keep yourself and your little one safe and sound throughout your move.

moving while pregnant

Moving While Pregnant – How to do it Safely

Mothers and mothers to be are often referred to as super heroes who can move mountains if they need to. However, it’s important that pregnant women take it as easy as possible when moving.

Here are some tips on what to do to safely move to a new home while you are pregnant:

Always Speak to Your Doctor

Your doctor will always know what’s best for you and the first thing you should do when you know you have to move while pregnant is to make an appointment to discuss the dos and don’ts with your trusted medical professional. Your doctor will advise you on how much you are able to lift and move according to where you are in your pregnancy, and we recommend that you take your doctor’s advice seriously.

Ask for Help

We strongly recommend getting as much help from friends, family, and moving professionals as possible and leave the heavy lifting for them to do while you stick to the lighter, smaller tasks. Additionally, hire a moving company like ours to do your packing on your behalf, and get a professional cleaning company to come in and clean the house once you are all moved out. There is no reason that you should be doing all or most of these tasks yourself.

Start Packing as Soon as You Can and Declutter While You’re at it

The more time you have to pack, the less stressful your move is going to be. As soon as you know you are moving, start packing items that you know you will not need to use before you move to your new home. While you are at it, start decluttering. The less you have to pack, the easier your entire move will be, and you won’t have to worry about decluttering when you are in your new home. Click here to read our blog on decluttering before you move.

Start a Moving Journal

This is not to write down how you are feeling on certain days, that’s what your normal journal is for. A moving journal will help you organize and plan your life, tasks, and move all in one place. This is especially useful when you are expecting because pregnancy brain is real and with all the things on your mind, you may overlook something important like booking a moving company for your move. You can also include notes about safety measures given to you by your doctor as a reminder to take it easy along the way. You and your unborn baby are more important than moving that antique chest of drawers all by yourself.

CM Removals – Your Trusted Moving Company in South Africa

Moving on any given day is a mammoth task and creating a brand-new human is an even bigger responsibility. If you are pregnant, there is no reason that you should be putting your body under any more stress just in preparation for your move.

CM Removals offers a full house of furniture removals services, including packing. Let our team of professionals handle your move while you take time to rest and preserve energy for you and your unborn child.

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